Full body mole mapping is a speedy and exhaustive approach to check the majority of your moles for skin cancer. The procedure checks your whole body to frame a pattern, and afterward all future tests are frequently compared with upcoming results.

New moles or changes in existing moles can show the nearness of skin disease. Changes incorporate bleeding, itching, paining, changes in shading, shape, size and surface.

Long term mole monitoring helps detect early changes in your moles. Seeing changes to your moles as fast as conceivable can help in the early identification of skin cancer, which is significant for improving the achievement paces of treatment.

Full body mole mapping with the FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM

Mole Mapping Mornington peninsula
Mole Mapping Mornington peninsula

Here, in Mole Mapping Mornington Peninsula Clinic, we use the FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM for absolute body mole mapping. The FotoFinder examines your whole body including your palms and bottoms of your feet in roughly four minutes.

The advantages of this system are:

It is fast, simple and intensive! In only four minutes your full body mole mapping will be complete.

This exact strategy doesn’t just output your individual moles yet the sum of your skin so nothing is missed. The procedure is consequently done, however the FotoFinder produces steady pictures enabling your primary care physician to contrast your moles with the current, past scans to ensure no changes go unnoticed.

Takes into consideration long term observing of your moles which can help with the quick discovery of any changes.It is equipped for causing the doctor to notice abnormal injuries, which may have gone undiscovered already.The Medicam 1000 takes exact dermoscopy pictures.

Dynamole Software Module is explicitly designed for aiding the discovery of harmful melanomas as ahead of schedule as could be allowed.